Meet Willow.

Willow is not very bright. He arrived in Durham from Cumbria in 2011 along with his brother Mr Mittens. Same litter. Same mum, different dads. It happens apparently.

Their mother had been run over so they were hand-reared orphans. They don’t have much road sense. It probably runs in the family.

Willow sometimes likes to wander. He did have a phase of hanging around the new student block at Chapel Heights and pretending to be lost and unloved. We were grateful and exasperated by the regular phone calls regarding a cat hanging around the block miaowing for food and attention. Don’t be fooled. He wants for nothing. His current go-to destination for pretending to be a lost cat are the new flats at the bottom of Ferens Close.

If you see him please don’t give feed him or let him in. He’s daft enough as it is. If he’s a nuisance feel free to message or WhatsApp us using the number on his caller, or drop us an email, and we’ll come and get him.

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