You may be here because you were just passing by. Or you found Willow’s collar. Hopefully with Willow still inside. If you’re here because you found this webpage on his collar you’ll already know that he’s a very affectionate cat. Especially if Dreamies are involved.

Attempting to wait patiently

Unimpressed and Impatient
Unimpressed and Impatient

Willow arrived with his brother Mr Mittens (who you may also have met) from the Lake District in May 2011. They were a bit smaller then. Two orphaned hand-reared kittens from the same litter. Same mum, different dads. Apparently it happens.

We always know when it’s term-time and the students are back as both he and Mittens will disappear and do their rounds. If Willow sees an open doorway he’ll walk straight in.

It’s nice for us to know that he’s popular and good company for new and old students but he does sometimes worry us when he disappears for long periods of time. Luckily people are great and we often get phone calls from concerned students who have found him wandering looking lost or who just wish to re-assure us he’s not been kidnapped. He did go through a phase where he practically lived up at Chapel Heights and we didn’t know whether he was going to leave home. I had to put a webcam on the food bowls to find out.

Webcams and hi-tech collars help. I’ve tried a few with various success. Currently Willow has a tile (bluetooth) which tells us when he’s home, and a Tractive GPS collar that gives us some re-assurance when he disappears for hours (or days) at a time. The strava-style heatmaps that Tractive provides are quite funny and are completely different for term time and holiday time.

If you see Willow and want to get in touch you can drop me an e-mail or try using the form below. If you want to send a photo that’s great but please try not to keep him in overnight as that’s when we get a bit worried about him, and I need him to keep my feet warm.

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