I’m still not really clear on what a pelagic is. The pedant in me hasn’t quite come to terms with it being a thing, like a trip, but whatever, it’s an evening out, apparently. We were on Northern Experience‘s first pelagic after lockdown, so it was an adventure waiting to be unwrapped.

We’ve lots of experience of wildlife tips, many of which result in seeing nothing much. That’s wildlife, living up to its name. Tonight was not such a night.

A 2 hour sail north, then wham. Dolphins. Lots and lots of dolphins.

Dogfights over Marsden Rock

Watching the Kittiwakes at Marsden Rock on one of Keith Bowey’s bird courses. Still lots of nest-building going on. Or is it maintenance? Lots of birds sitting on nests. It was very entertaining watching the mid-air acrobatics as the birds ‘negotiate’ over nesting material ownership.

Most of the Kittiwakes I’ve seen have been from the Level 4 viewing terrace at BALTIC so it was interesting to see so many different viewing angles. The distinctive black legs of the Kittiwake are clearly visible.