I have lots of webcams and they’re all pretty similar. I use raspberry pi computers for the host, a cheap USB webcam, usually the cheapest Logitech I can find, a bunch of unruly bash scripts and motion running on Debian, and shell access to my hosting provider, Mythic Beasts. It’s messy but it’s fun and it usually works. I’ve yet to find anything better than album for creating quick and easy galleries that I can use to browse locally, or to upload so that I can keep a few bits and pieces in the cloud.

WordPress doesn’t offer much in the way of free and easy tools for dynamic galleries that will watch a directory. Folder Gallery is nice and straightforward but no longer maintained and a bit unpredictable. It may slow pages down a bit too. I’m not sure. I’ve stopped using it for now. For speed it seems to be best to step outside WordPress and and stick to the leanness of album galleries.

Waterproofing the hardware usually comprises old compost sacks and plant pots. The plentiful supply of cheap long waterproof patch cables helps and I no longer bother making my own. I’ve tried wireless but it’s too unreliable. You’ve got to get power to your pi so you might as well run a network cable too.

There’s four cameras around the garden at the moment. They sometimes move about a bit.


I bought a temporary greenhouse during lockdown to see how I got on. The garden is sloped and shady with several trees. Not very greenhouse friendly. Still. It’s not impossible. So then I bought a real one.

Recently inside the greenhouse

Mittens Tree

This is behind the greenhouse. A large Leyland Cyprus that Mr Mittens likes to sit under.

Mr Mittens Tree


Still new. Waiting and wondering and watching to see what moves in.

recently at the pond
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