Sep 2021

  • The temporary greenhouse still has my attention. I’ve ordered a real one!
  • The teasel I was given has flourished. I would really like to have it naturalising but conditions obviously not quite right. Will investigate.
  • Nice surprise to discover Arum maculatum (Lords and Ladies, …) under some blackthorn. I didn’t plant it.
  • The wool that the Cook delivery arrives in is always good for lagging the compost bin.
  • Ivy flowers now appearing. Will be watching to see what visits them for some late summer nectar.
  • Planted three Lonicera ‘Belgica’. I bought them from Range. It’d be good to have some scented climbers scrambling untidily over the bay arch.
  • I’m going to have another attempt at the meadow. Rhinanthus minor (yellow rattle) has been ordered. This year I need to remember and keep the grass short all winter, so a late mowing before spring.
  • Not much interest from the birds in seed heads (e.g. Lovage). Harvested. Undecided whether to put in bread or sow.
  • We’ve been here 18 years and I discovered last week, in the front garden, Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan honeysuckle). Tucked in by the holly tree. Can’t believe it’s been here all this time and I’ve only just noticed it.
  • In the front garden one of the small Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Katsura tree) that I planted around 2005 is still alive. Another nice surprise. It’s slugging it out amongst the hawthorn, beech and cherry.
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