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We moved into our Durham garden in 2005. It’s north-facing, sloping, with 4 mature Silver Birch, a Leylandii, and a quarter of a huge Scots Pine. It was already a mature garden and I kept a lot of the shrubs, though I’ve removed the rhododendron, spotted laurel, and a few other functional but unexciting low-maintenance shrubs. I’ve planted a lot of chaos in its place. Now I’ve decided it’s time to take stock.

Garden Species (plants)

Scientific NameCommon Name(s)Photo Links
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Weigela 'Eva Rathke'30 May 2020Planted before 2005.
Linnaea amabilis (Kolkwitzia amabilis)Beauty Bush1 Jun 2020Planted before 2005. Large scrambling shrub.
Lamium galeobdolonyellow archangel, artillery plant, aluminium plant18 May 2020I planted this about 2010 and regretted it. Pretty but invasive.
Lunaria annuaHonesty11 May 2020When I removed all the rhododendron in 2006 and let the light in, I stood back and waited to see what was in the seedbank, or what might blow in. Honesty. I love it. It grows everywhere, year after year, with my blessing.
Pentaglottis sempervirensgreen alkanet, evergreen bugloss11 May 2020I don't know whether this blew in, has always been here, or whether I planted it. It's all over the place. I don't mind it too much.
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebell6 May 2020I've planted hundreds, if not thousands, of bluebells over the years. They should love this garden, but they seem indifferent.
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn5 May 2020I've planted lots of hawthorn over the years. Does well. All shapes and sizes. All over the place.
Fagus sylvaticaCommon beech5 May 2020I've planted lots of beech. Mostly common beech but a few purple beech too. It does well. Budburst timing varies a lot throughout the garden.
A species list of anything that grows or has grown in the garden.

Garden Species (wildlife)

Scientific NameCommon NamePhoto Links
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Bombus hypnorumTree Bumblebee31 May 2020
31 May 2020
20 May 2020
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Set up home in the blue-tit nest box in May 2020
Corvus monedulaJackdaw13 May 2020
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Regular visitors. Often large gatherings in crowns of silver birches.
Larus argentatusHerring Gull7 May 2020Opportunists. Rarely seen, but never far away, especially if scraps appear on the bird table.
Bombus lapidariusRed-tailed bumblebee6 May 2020
Anthocharis cardaminesOrange-tip butterfly6 May 2020
Sturnus vulgarisStarling6 May 2020
Wildlife spotted in the garden.
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