Sourdough Loaf 8


  • 100g wheat starter
  • 5g salt
  • 460g strong white flour (Tesco organic)
  • 335g water
  • squeeze syrup

Method (setup)

  1. 1515 – Menu 29 (rustic sourdough) (full cycle)
  2. ~1800 – Menu 30 (sourdough starter)
  3. 2200 – looking good. rising well. will leave overnight
  4. ~0900 – not looking so good. a bit of a slump. Bake Only


Looked very promising last night, and during the night it must’ve stopped rising and gone into reverse. Perhaps I should’ve baked last night. Or possibly put on a bake program overnight but then I reckon that’d have overworked the dough with even more kneading.