Sourdough Loaf 14

Can I make it two in a row? Let’s try and do exactly the same (well mostly) as last time …


  • 80g rye starter
  • 460g strong white flour (M&S organic)
  • 440g water (was meant to be 335g)
  • 6g salt
  • 20g EVOO (meant to 15g)

Method (setup)

  1. 0800 – menu 29 for 1 hour
  2. 0900 – stop menu 29. on to menu 30 (for about 4 hours)
  3. 1300 – menu 18 bake only for 1 hour


Not bad. I squeezed some syrup on top just before baking on impulse, and it impulsively ran down the side and settled round the top. Not a disaster and quite tasty in its own way but (probably) won’t do again.