Sourdough Loaf 13

Did a starter refresh last night. By eye. No weighing. Just some flour and warm water and a good stir. Back in the cupboard.

80g in the machine next morning. Looking good but ever so slightly lumpy. Obviously didn’t stir it that well, although I’ve noticed the rye flour can be a bit lumpy. Perhaps I should sieve it before putting in the starter.


  • 80g rye starter
  • 460g strong white flour (M&S organic)
  • 335g water
  • 5g salt
  • No EVOO (Not deliberate. Just forgot)

Method (setup)

  1. ~0830 – On Menu 29
  2. 0953 – That’s 1½ hours so rest on menu 30
  3. 1415 – About 4½ hours later, menu 18, bake only


Looks good. It rose about 2cm/50% on menu 30 over a few hours, and that’s probably about right. It does seem that leaving it too long is bad.

Loaf is pyramidal, pale top, brownish sides. I’m happy enough with it even though it’s a bit wonky. Must remember to add the EVOO next time.