Loaf 29

Pizza sourdough (***)

An impulsive departure. Let’s try pizza dough. Especially like the idea of being able to freeze the bases. No idea what to do so will use the manual’s pizza recipe and substitute some of the flour for sourdough starter and see what happens. Manual says 380g strong white flour so will use 40g starter and 340g flour.

  • 40g starter (no other flour or water)
  • 240g strong white flour (Doves organic)

Menu 32 for the full program. Watched with the lid up and trickled in a little extra water down the sides to help dislodge unmixed flour. I don’t think I trickled in that much extra, but I wasn’t measuring.


Program has finished and now, according to the instructions, dough can be shaped and left to prove. Ho ho ho. The dough is very squelchy. There’s no way I can do much with that. Perhaps my trickle of water was too much?

I decided to add a little more flour and put it the machine back on menu 32.

  • 40g strong white flour

Still very gloopy. Tipping it out to see what happens.

This isn’t what I had in mind. This is hard work. And I’m getting my hands messy. Still, after a bit of kneading, dusting and sprinkling with flour it doesn’t look too terrible.

Into a warm (40 ℃) oven for 20 minutes or so.

By the end of this time the dough has a bit of encouraging springiness. Undecided whether to use it or freeze it, but no harm in giving it 5 minutes on 220℃ anyway.

Looking better than I expected. Will try using tonight.

Later …

It all looked pretty promising. We used a simple passata sauce with some cheese. I lost track of baking time and took it out when it ‘looked ready’. Perhaps it could have done with a longer baking time. Very nice but base dense, slightly doughy, and a bit underdone.