Outlook webmail won’t let you login if password renewal is due

which sorta makes sense.

But in Exchange 2013 it’s possible to change your password in OWA without logging into AD so if a user is scheduled to change their password the next time they login, I thought OWA might force a password change. Actually, thinking about that, how would that work? It would have to automatically present the change password dialogue. Perhaps that’s not possible.

Just need to remember that for users who don’t log into AD directly on a PC, but just use OWA all the time, forcing them to change their password on next login won’t work.

Web searches don’t reveal much, but if I understand Change Password Feature in Outlook Web App correctly, it’s WAD.

Error sharing Calendar in Outlook

Attempting to share a calendar in Outlook (Exchange 2003) produces error (in a pop-up window):


Calendar sharing is not available with the following entries because of permission settings on your network:


Problem might be due to malformed, duplicate or ambiguous email address being autodetected.