Breadmaker notes


Menus I use (from page 11 of the manual)

For the dough, I use menu 11 (rustic sourdough) and menu 30 (sourdough starter). Menu 30 is really for using the machine to create a cup or two of starter over a 24 hour period (using a tiny amount of dried yeast) but it’s handy for leaving the dough in a controlled environment for the rise at 30℃.

I’ve often found the 6 hour French menu quite tolerant. It also has a short knead period which might be relevant if dough is being overworked.

  • Timer can be set for max 9 hours
  • There’s a period of rest during the knead (45-55 min) period.

This is pretty much the one I now use all the time for sourdough premix and main mix. I usually stop it after 20 minutes when it’s in the middle of the first Rise.

Abbreviations I sometimes use

  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sometimes with the brand. I find it easier to manage than butter, and since reading about UPF I tend to stick with extra virgin olive oil from a single source if possible.
  • s.w.f – Strong White Flour. Brand sometimes in brackets.

Other Notes and Resources

  • The book Bread Matters: Why and How to Make Your Own by Andrew Whitley
  • The only website I’ve found that explains how to produce sourdough bread entirely using a breadmachine and without using any dried yeast.
  • The private Facebook group Panasonic Bread Maker Recipe Group UK & Ireland is a goldmine of information. Mostly UK based so lots of good advice about quantities and availability of ingredients.
  • I’ve a tendency to stay clear of YouTube, but Elly’s Everyday Wholegrain Sourdough channel is great, and her video on maintaining a sourdough starter really appeals. As she says 3:27 in, If that approach appeals to you, give it a try.
  • Cotswold Crunch comes up a lot. More info on the Cotswold Flour website.

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