about me

Northumberland Coastal Marathon - Feb 2020 - beach and rainbow

I’m Dougie Nisbet and I live in Durham City in County Durham in the UK. I’ve worked, studied and volunteered in lots of places on lots of stuff. I’ve tinkered with PCs, climbed trees, watched birds, bees and butterflies. Sometimes I run, cycle and swim, and run around with a map, with varying degrees of mediocrity, ability, talent and enthusiasm. I’m just as happy walking as running. When you’re walking you can look at stuff and try to figure out what it is, through binoculars or through a camera lens. I’ve studied Physics, Computer Science and Arboriculture and worked in all disciplines and none. I like pottering in my garden and can get excited about greenhouses and compost bins. I’ll probably start wearing a cardigan soon and have firm views on slippers. I’m not trying to sell anything. I’m not trying to influence anyone. I’m just pottering.


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