Mr Mittens Cam

Mr Mittens has a bed at the top of the stairs. Somewhere between the bathroom, a hobbit hole, a staircase, and a hall. It’s a real transport hub and from this vantage point he can see, hear and control pretty much everything.

The bed hasn’t always been there. Mr Mittens decided that this was his spot. So we put a bed down. I say bed. It’s a big rug thing really. For a dog actually. The ones for cats didn’t look big enough.

I remember back in the early 1990s being mesmerised by the Cambridge Coffee Pot. There was something so utterly pointless yet hypnotic about it. I loved it. Clearly Mr Mittens isn’t a coffee pot but he provides an ideal subject for testing out ideas with webcams and motion sensitive software. With cheap hardware and free software it’s possible watch your cat dreaming of electric sheep.

Whenever Mr Mittens moves, or a light goes on or off, or my foot hovers in view on the way to the bathroom, a few Motion triggered images are uploaded to the sphinx server, where the React Webcam WordPress plugin keeps an eye on what’s recent. Which usually isn’t much:

Previously …

A sample of the most recent motion triggered images can be found in the Recent gallery, with some older images batched in the imaginatively titled galleries older1 older2, older3, older4, and older5. Of course, what constitutes older will depend on what he isn’t doing. A luxurious stretch or some quality dreaming can trigger a lot of images. Whereas in the summer months, where we might not see him for days on end, things can be pretty quiet.


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