Mr Mittens

In May 2011 Mr Mittens and his brother Willow arrived. Two orphaned kittens from Cumbria. Same litter but not at all similar in appearance or personality.

For a long time Mittens was the wanderer and Willow stayed close to home. As they’ve grown older their habits have changed. But neither are creatures of habit.

In the last few years Mittens has gone for a career change. He seems to have found his niche as a therapy cat. Every year, when the students return to Durham, he disappears for hours at a time and chums up with the new arrivals. He patrols the student houses and sits on the doorstep and looks helpless until he gets some fussing. He has studied everything from law to politics and generally gets good reports even if he has been known to throw up on the occasional student bed. He’s not as cute as he looks.

If Mittens has dropped by to see you and stayed for a while please let us know. We know cats are free spirits but it doesn’t mean we don’t worry about him or notice when he’s not around. Drop us a text or WhatsApp to the number on his collar or send an e-mail. And a photo for the gallery!

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