Angel View Run

A row of cars along the roadside indicated the location of the Angel Inn hotel, but a couple of signs would’ve helped find the Registration and Start. There was no real problem as the time-honoured tradition of following people who seemed to know where they were going did the trick. The Start was a little muddled as we were shuffled around until a white line on the gravel footpath was settled on.

I’d had a long hard stare at the course route at registration and it looked very wiggly with a series of chicanes, loops and flyovers that made memorising impossible. Any reservations I had were quickly dispelled as all the marshalling was excellent with loads of encouragement and lots of “Come on Elvet!” which gave me a boost. There is one soul-destroying energy-sapping long, straight and narrow nettle-sided climb that is punctuated by brief moments of excitement and fear as the demented Elite runners charge down towards you having turned at the top.

Even though much of the run is on leafy footpaths I have a disproportionate impression and recollection of grimy unlit underpasses and suburban pavements. And I’d like to have seen more of the Angel than the brief rear-end view as we scrambled past before heading for the road. Having said that it was a good friendly race and I’d do it again.

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Results courtesy of Chris Hassell who had hung on to a copy.
Results (thanks to Chris Hassell)