double prints in tracklogs

I really must look into this sometime. It’s a irritating when it happens although in practical terms it’s no big deal.

The problem; it’s a sort of undesired But One Get One Free. I’m in Tracklogs, and I print a map. Fine. But if I want to print two maps, I’d change number of copies to 2, and click print. So far so simple.

The problem is, Tracklogs prints double what I request. I’m pretty sure it’s just Tracklogs that does this.

Here’s a screenshot of a print run where I’ve requested two copies. As you can see, the pop-up windows contradict each other.

Buy one get one free

Two prints requested - Four received

Not a big deal. Just really really irritating. Must track it down one day…

windows / linux filename compatibility

It would be quite nice to be able to backup my photo collection to a USB drive in VFAT format. Unfortunately an indeterminate number of my photos have long filenames, although none have the dreaded microsoft hated colon(:). 250 characters seems to be the Windows7 limit. I could write a script to parse my /jpegs directory and report on all filenames >250 characters in length as well as any containing colons. This would give me a report. If it’s not too long it might be easiest just to go through them individually with f-spot and re-tag and rename them.

delicious tag cloud

I can see some possibilities here. Now that I use cloud-based tags over browser bookmarks this could be pretty interesting. Unfortunately my delicious tags are a mess. And you are never quite sure what delicious/yahoo are gonna do next …

Some very nifty looking delicious plugins to investigate. But not at the moment.

housekeeping script to remove dead images

I use mnemosyne daily to learn plant identification and make heavy use of images. All the images are stored in ~dougie/.mnemosyne/images and are referenced from the .mnemosyne config file in ~/.mnemosyne/default.mem.

Sometimes I delete cards that I don’t like, are poorly phrased, or have something wrong about them. This doesn’t delete the corresponding image.

I need to write a shell script to scan the default.mem file and extract all the filenames for the image jpegs, then check whether they exist. No, hang it, that’s the wrong way round. Although that would be useful too as sometimes I delete an image but not a card.

Ah, so it has to be a two-way script. Checking for orphans both ways. Are there images that are not in cards? And are there cards that reference images that aren’t there?

I should probably also wait until version 2.x of mnemosyne hits the streets in case there are any layout changes.