Loaf 50

mostly white sourdough (*****)

I forgot to do the usual premix stuff early evening and suddenly realised around 9pm that I hadn’t sorted anything out. So, some unexpected adaptation required.

  • 60/60/60 premix. 60g starter / 60g wholemeal flour / 60g water
  • Menu 32 – 17 minutes

Then same as for loaf 49 except 10g more wholemeal flour

  • 110g strong wholemeal flour (Doves)
  • 260g strong white flour (Nelstrop)
  • 260g water
  • 15g EVOO
  • 3g salt

Menu 32 for 10 minutes then Menu 10 overnight on timer.


really good. Can’t find anything to complain about. Might stick with this ingredients list for a few loaves and experiment with methodology. e.g How important is the premix bit? Is it really necessary? Perhaps the rest time overnight on the French menu is enough to allow a rise before baking.


Standard Footnotes

Breadmaker is SD-ZX2522 (discontinued) (Instruction Manual)

Most used program menus
Abbreviations sometimes used
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • swf – Strong White Flour
  • wmf – wholemeal flour
  • M32, M30 – Menu 32, Menu 30 etc …
Other bits