Loaf 31

Wholemeal Spelt and white sourdough (*****)

  • 100g starter
  • 50g strong white flour
  • 60g water

Menu 32 for 20 minutes. Keeping an eye on it this time and using wooden spoon to nudge unmixed flour back into mix. Looks good at end of 20 minutes.


On to Menu 30 for a 30℃ rest. I’m not very good at judging when the dough has “doubled in size” and I keep seeing it mentioned. I’ve tried to visualise where it is at the moment and will watch it closely. I might have to give this step a bit more thought if it’s so important.

2200 (3 hours later)
  • 80g wholemeal spelt (Gilchester’s)
  • 80g stoneground wholemeal (Marriage’s)
  • 240g strong white flour (Doves)
  • 5g sea salt
  • 260g water

Menu 32 for 20 minutes then Menu 10 overnight on timer.


Very good. Possibly the best yet. Will need to try and reproduce this a few times and ensure it wasn’t a fluke.

Standard Footnotes

Breadmaker is SD-ZX2522 (discontinued) (Instruction Manual)

Most used program menus
Abbreviations sometimes used
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • swf – Strong White Flour
  • wmf – wholemeal flour
  • M32, M30 – Menu 32, Menu 30 etc …
Other bits

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