Sourdough Review

The story so far …

Out of 14 loaves so far almost all have been edible, although six, eight and ten were pretty borderline. All tasty though. Main problem has been dense texture.

The Panasonic Bread Maker Recipe Group UK & Ireland Facebook Group has nudged me into some re-reading, and re-reading I note the advice to be light on the knead time. Perhaps I’ve been letting it knead too long, and perhaps I’ve been leaving it to proof (proof? prove?) too long.

The main take-away so far for me is that it’s best to do it all manually. Ideas of leaving things overnight leave too much out of control. I’m pretty sure all the bake programs rest the dough at 30℃ until the program starts in earnest which leaves a lot of indeterminate rise time where, I’m pretty sure, the dough has risen, then slumped again. Perhaps this is why the timer option on the Sourdough Bake program is reduced from the default 12 to 9 hours.

I do like the idea of Menu 30 though. It’s a controlled 30℃ environment. You’re not vulnerable to fluctuations in room temperature.

Anyway, onwards, to loaf 15 …

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