Loaf 12

White sourdough (*)


Let’s try changing more than one thing at a time. Again.

~Midday – refresh starter with added ~50g water and ~50g rye flour, but …

Put the jar in the machine. It’s a bit wobbly because it doesn’t fit. But the lid closes. On at Menu 30 – i.e. rest at 30℃ for a while

Seven hours later and a nice fruity looking starter …


  • 110g rye starter (meant to make it 100g but sloppy)
  • 460g strong white flour (mostly a new packet of M&S organic)
  • 340g water
  • 15g EVOO
  • 8g salt

Around about this time I discovered the Facebook Group Panasonic Bread Maker Recipe Group UK & Ireland, and it’s full of good stuff, including a few people who’ve done sourdough. There’s a bit to investigate in there. I like that it’s UK based so the ingredients are available and it’s mostly metric.

One thing people seem to do is use the pizza dough option for preparing sourdough, so I’m giving that a try.

Method (setup)

  1. 1920 – Menu 32 (Pizza Dough!)
  2. 2020 – Menu 30 (overnight)
  3. 0900 – around 12 hours overnight on menu 30. Looks like it has risen a fair amount overnight then sunk back.
  4. 0910 – bake only for an hour


Not good. One of the worst. Usual story. Good taste, poor dense texture. Pretty unappealing.

So that’s loaf no. 12. Out of 12 so far I’d say there’s only been one I’d describe as good. The remained split between fair and poor. Wasting quite a bit of ingredients too. Things to try:

  1. reduce amount of starter
  2. menu 29 (sourdough) for only an hour
  3. rest on menu 30 until well risen – but not indefinitely
  4. bake only – menu 18 when it looks ready

Standard Footnotes

Breadmaker is SD-ZX2522 (discontinued) (Instruction Manual)

Most used program menus
Abbreviations sometimes used
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • swf – Strong White Flour
  • wmf – wholemeal flour
  • M32, M30 – Menu 32, Menu 30 etc …
Other bits

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