Loaf 6

White sourdough (*)

Refresh the wheat starter. I now have 420g. Seems a lot.


  • 130g wheat starter (not intended to use quite so much but it tends to slurp out)
  • 460g strong white flour (Doves (I keep wanting to put an apostrophe in there) Organic)
  • 340g water
  • 15g EVOO (Terra Delyssa)
  • 7g salt
  • No syrup this time

Method (setup)

  1. 1430 – Menu 29 (rustic sourdough) (full program)
  2. 1700 – Menu 30 (sourdough starter)
  3. 2030 – Menu 11 (rustic sourdough) on timer for 0800 tomorrow


Not great. Not very well risen. Tasty enough. But very dense.

It had a decent rise before baking overnight so I’m beginning to think the bake programs over-knead the already kneaded and risen dough. If anything, the loaf has less rise after baking than when it was still a dough.

My notes are a bit vague. Was it the french (menu 10) or rustic sourdough (menu 11), and would it really have made that much difference?

I think for the next loaf I’m going to try a rye starter and do the bake only (menu 18) program as it does no more kneading. I have about 220g rye starter now, and if I only need 80g, then I probably should be going light on the refreshing.

Standard Footnotes

Breadmaker is SD-ZX2522 (discontinued) (Instruction Manual)

Most used program menus
Abbreviations sometimes used
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • swf – Strong White Flour
  • wmf – wholemeal flour
  • M32, M30 – Menu 32, Menu 30 etc …
Other bits

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