Loaf 4

White sourdough (****)

I’m planning to try a French Loaf (Menu 10) on the timer overnight. Generally I’ve found the French loaf menu the most forgiving; perhaps it’s something to do with the longer program. From my reading it looks like it has one of the shorter (10-20 minutes) knead times so I’m hoping this will prevent too much kneading. I’ll go with French (menu 10) but will do rustic sourdough (menu 29) first.


  • 80g wheat starter
  • 460g strong white flour (End of Duchy Organic packet, start of Doves organic)
  • squeeze of syrup
  • 7g salt
  • 20g EVOO (was meant to be 15g)
  • 335g water

Method (setup)

  1. 1840: Menu 10 (Sourdough Starter) (full cycle).
  2. ~2200: Menu 10 (French). Overnight.


Good. Things to bear in mind:

  • It had an indeterminate length of time in pan after Menu 10.
  • It had several hours resting overnight before Menu 29 began.

There’s a couple of unknowns here:

  • Does the dough cycle heat the pan at all? i.e. to a nominal 30⁰C
  • Likewise, does the rest pre-phase for Menu 29 heat the pan?

My hunch is that it does but there are couple of unknowns here I need to check out.

Standard Footnotes

Breadmaker is SD-ZX2522 (discontinued) (Instruction Manual)

Most used program menus
Abbreviations sometimes used
  • EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • swf – Strong White Flour
  • wmf – wholemeal flour
  • M32, M30 – Menu 32, Menu 30 etc …
Other bits

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