Sourdough Loaf 1

I’m going with the rye starter which I started on the 7th Oct. From Andrew Whitley’s Bread Matters. And I’m using (mostly) this recipe from


  • 80g rye starter
  • 460g strong white flour (Duchy organic)
  • squirt of syrup
  • about 3g of salt
  • 335g water
  • 15g Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Method (setup)

  1. 0830: Place ingredients in machine. Start Menu 29 (Rustic Sourdough – dough). This is about 2 hours 30 kneading with rest in the middle.
  2. ~0910: Add the EVOO that I forgot to add at the beginning. The first kneading already done so it’s just pooling round the edges.
  3. ~1000: Dough cycle complete. That doesn’t seem right. An hour and a half? Perhaps I started earlier, or the program is variable. Set machine to Menu 30 (Sourdough Starter) for a few hours.
  4. ~1350: Menu 11 (Rustic Sourdough – bake).


Not too bad for a first attempt. Quite dense but nice taste. Initial thoughts:

  • The dough rises encouragingly but I can’t help thinking it gets overworked.
  • All the bake recipes, except bake only (which can’t be done on timer) do a knead.

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