an orienteering competition. a real one.

Back to orienteering. CLOK went for it. And it was a hoot. My first real race using maprun went ok. It seemed to start from the car, going to the lavvie, then the registration bit, then off.

‘lap’ 1 seems to be just before me and Roberta stopped for a chat (clock ticking) about what happened next. Then offski.

A few minutes later, on my way from control 3 to the underpass, to get to control 4. I drifted up the bank to get a slightly more direct line. Marginal Gains! And flew close to the sun. Or the finish.

Total distance: 1.6 km
Max elevation: 46 m
Min elevation: 38 m
Average speed: 11.48 min/km
Total time: 00:35:19
Download file: Darlington South Park orienteering - attempt1 - 2020-07-19_09 53 34.gpx

My Garmin buzzed. Finished! I don’t think so.

Ok, let’s try that again.

Total distance: 8.28 km
Max elevation: 46 m
Min elevation: 34 m
Average speed: 6.50 min/km
Total time: 01:03:21
Download file: Darlington South Park - Orienteering VOC LONG - 2020-08-02_09_30_44.gpx
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