Starling investigates the blue tit nestbox

It must be pretty tough being a blue tit. Yesterday there was a magpie sitting on the roof. Today a starling tried to get in through the front door. The blue tit youngsters must still be in there (I saw an adult with food) and presumably the starling can hear them chirping inside. If the image below is going to be typical then leaving home for the blue tits is going to be a dramatic business.

I don’t know if starlings predate blue tit youngsters but I’ve no reason to assume they don’t. The starlings have been keeping an eye and a claw on the nestbox all day. I wonder how this one will play out …


shy hedgehog

He’s a bit shy tonight. Good to know he’s still snuffling about.

rude boys

I’ve worked out that at 3 fat blocks, twice daily, I could easily get through 42 fat slabs a week. That’s alot of fat, and a lot of money, so they have to do with a fraction of that. Even so, every time I blink, the feeder is empty. It seems to be mainly the starlings feeding their squabbling lazy youngsters …

Although the food is there for the taking the starlings prefer to screech to the adults to have the stuff physically shoved down their throats …

Although, occasionally, they still manage to look cute.

The screeching and squawking comes to an abrupt halt however. Not because the fat has run out, but because the heavies arrive …

you wouldn’t want to mess with that stare.

Here’s today’s slideshow …


delicious tag cloud

I can see some possibilities here. Now that I use cloud-based tags over browser bookmarks this could be pretty interesting. Unfortunately my delicious tags are a mess. And you are never quite sure what delicious/yahoo are gonna do next …

Some very nifty looking delicious plugins to investigate. But not at the moment.

housekeeping script to remove dead images

I use mnemosyne daily to learn plant identification and make heavy use of images. All the images are stored in ~dougie/.mnemosyne/images and are referenced from the .mnemosyne config file in ~/.mnemosyne/default.mem.

Sometimes I delete cards that I don’t like, are poorly phrased, or have something wrong about them. This doesn’t delete the corresponding image.

I need to write a shell script to scan the default.mem file and extract all the filenames for the image jpegs, then check whether they exist. No, hang it, that’s the wrong way round. Although that would be useful too as sometimes I delete an image but not a card.

Ah, so it has to be a two-way script. Checking for orphans both ways. Are there images that are not in cards? And are there cards that reference images that aren’t there?

I should probably also wait until version 2.x of mnemosyne hits the streets in case there are any layout changes.