top of the box

On a windy day like today the webcam nabs thousands of images (over 7000 today, I’ve seen it as high as 20,000). This is a pain and no amount of tweaking of the settings seems to be having much effect.

What is noticeable though, is how much more time the adults seem to be spending on top of the box.

Cyanistes caeruleus

Blue Tit surveying its territory

I haven’t sat outside today so I don’t know if the chicks are still in there. Perhaps this is a prelude to fledging? There are certainly lots of young starlings and house sparrows around so the blue tits must be ready to leave home soon.

Every year I miss the moment. I doubt this year will be any different!

housekeeping script to keep jpegs manageable

This crops up periodically and it surprises me that with all the free tools you get with linux that there’s nothing (that I can find, at least) that will allow me to keep a folder tree within a manageable size. I did write a shell script to do this but I’ve lost it. With a webcam using motion often triggering over 5000 images a day (four times that if it’s windy) I need to have some automated housekeeping to purge the older images.

I think what I had before was something that had a user-definable value (e.g. 5GB) and it would iteratively recurse a directory tree, deleting the older directories until the space taken up dropped below the threshhold. There are problems with this (e.g. accidentally Tagging or touching an old jpeg) that causes the directory time stamp to be updated. But all these thousands of jpegs are piling up and I’ll have to address this sometime soon.