Getting gpx data into mapinfo 8

It is, apparantly, possible to do this by reading the GPX file into Excel then wielding the scalpel to get rid of the stuff that’s not needed. I’ve tried this without success. I could persevere, but there seems little point when there’s an easier way.

Download and install GPS Utility then use it to read in the GPX file. (GPS Utility is freeware for small amounts of data – you need the registered version for more than 100 waypoints). In GPS Utility, Save As Mapinfo. (perhaps it’s done via export, but Save As seems easy).

In Mapinfo don’t assume it’s something obvious like Open File, you need to go to Table/Import – then locate the .inf file created by GPS Utility, and read in that. Then it needs to be resaved/exported as a .TAB file.

Then go to Open, locate the .TAB file, and read into Current Mapper.


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3 thoughts on “Getting gpx data into mapinfo 8

  1. Hi
    I came across your website, which for a change was easy to understand. Can you please tell me if this works in the reverse. I have some walking routes Mapinfo tab files that I would like to convert to gpx files to be used on a Smart phone.


  2. Hi Jill, it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However I can’t think how you’d do it. You can export a linear feature such as a line, but I’m not sure where you’d go from there. Sounds a handy thing to be able to do. There is a mailing list for Mapinfo that I used to subscribe to and you can pick up some tips there. It may well be possible.

    Details about the mailing list here:

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