I thought it’d be easier this evening. I wore drabbier clothes, and poured flatter beer. I draped the cover over the mini-greenhouse and huddled against its backdrop. I practically disappeared.

But the alarm calls of the blue tits where very insistent tonight and they were not for feeding. Time after time I heard the chicks calling for food and observed the adults doing a bodyswerve. Then Rosie, my big fat black cat came along and decided to curl up at my feet, and things were not looking good.

I saw both adults, and witnessed one getting so fed-up at the abortive attempts at returning to the nest that it ate the supper itself (quite tasty it looked too).

Guilt gained the high ground, and I decided to call it a night. I was perplexed that the birds would be more spooked tonight, when, if anything, I was drabber and more familiar. I was also interested to see both adults together. How do they manage to produce the alarm calls with their mouths full? Then as I lost interest in them, they lost interest in me, and suddenly decided I was no threat.

Early Risers

Checked webcam1 a few minutes ago. Interesting stuff. It was nice to see the hedgehog up before the lark, or anything else for that matter.
Hedgehog on webcam1
We’ve seen (or heard) little of hedgehogs recently so it’s good to know they’re still around and investigating left-overs.

Dawn Hedgehog

Dawn Hedgehog

Shortly after there’s the usual collection of wood pigeons, blackbirds, big fat black cats, and my feet. No squirrel today though …

Getting gpx data into mapinfo 8

It is, apparantly, possible to do this by reading the GPX file into Excel then wielding the scalpel to get rid of the stuff that’s not needed. I’ve tried this without success. I could persevere, but there seems little point when there’s an easier way.

Download and install GPS Utility then use it to read in the GPX file. (GPS Utility is freeware for small amounts of data – you need the registered version for more than 100 waypoints). In GPS Utility, Save As Mapinfo. (perhaps it’s done via export, but Save As seems easy).

In Mapinfo don’t assume it’s something obvious like Open File, you need to go to Table/Import – then locate the .inf file created by GPS Utility, and read in that. Then it needs to be resaved/exported as a .TAB file.

Then go to Open, locate the .TAB file, and read into Current Mapper.