Suppertime at the bird table

I’ve been registered on the BTO Nestbox challenge for years and some years I’m more thorough than others. One nestbox is used year after year by blue tits. Blue South as it’s registered with the BTO, perhaps should be renamed Old Faithfull as it never fails to get used. There’s a webcam that sometimes points in the general direction but it’s rather a hit or miss affair.

But sitting quietly outside, with beer in one hand, and camera in the other, I am soon rewarded …

Blue tit returning with foodHe (she?) is nervous at first, as he knows I’m sitting there. For a few minutes I was feeling guilty as I could hear the chicks crying for food inside and the adult made a few approaches then flew away again with a series of loud alarm calls. In previous years they’ve soon accepted my presence. When the adult returned for the 3rd time I decided if he spooked out again I’d leave the scene. He didn’t and I managed to get a few nice photos in the fading light.

Meanwhile on the bird table I could see a Jay munching through the dish of the day. Shy birds, I’ve seen them around, but usually fleetingly, and easily spooked. They must be hungry as I managed to get quite close and it seemed remarkably unperturbed. I’m pretty sure it knew I was there as my fieldcraft is not something that would impress Ray Mears.

and getting stuck in …

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