youngsters at the feeders

I have a webcam pointing at the Blue Tit nest box but unfortunately it gets so much movement ‘noise’ that I end up with skipfuls of images and it’s hard to sort out the good ones and all sorts of empty images get uploaded automatically to my flickr photostream.

young hungry starlingThere’s always the conventional approach of pointing a real camera at the birds and pressing the button.

This youngster has landed on top of the fat feeders and is screaming at the adult nearby to come and feed him. The adult, however, is older and wiser, and has spotted me nearby and is keeping a wary eye on me.

I do like this picture and its drama with the youngster screeching for attention. But there’s always something nice about getting a photo of a bird on a natural perch. Here’s the same bird again balancing on a bit of hazel:

Starling on hazel

Not as excited this time but a more natural backdrop, which I like.

And every year we get young sparrows that are always good to see. I don’t know where they’re nesting because it’s certainly not the expensive roof terrace that I put up for them years ago and has been ignored every year.

House Sparrow

Bigger versions of these photos can be found in my zenfolio gallery.

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